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Today I saw a billboard announcing the arrival of a new Melting Pot restaurant in Lexington. I've seen this fondue restaurant in other cities but never dreamed that Lexington would get one of its own.

Found a press release about Melting Pot which describes their specialty this way: "A typical dinner at The Melting Pot lasts approximately two hours and includes four courses: a cheese fondue, salad, entree fondue and chocolate dessert fondue. Diners take turns reaching for, nabbing and sometimes even 'rescuing' fruits and veggies, breads, meats and seafood from shared fondue pots." The press release also tells me that their menu " includes cheese fondues, salads, fine wines and chocolate fondue desserts."

Sounds like fun, right? Well, maybe so, but it's a very expensive place to eat. That's for sure. Wonder how soon we'll see Melting Pot coupons in the local newspaper. I also wonder if they'll have free fondue at their grand opening.

251 West Tiverton Way
near Fayette Place

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