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NEW SAUL GOOD - Lexington KY

In the Fayette Mall Plaza shopping center on Nicholasville Road, there will soon be a new Saul Good pub. Don't know why they even bother building this. Lexington has more than enough pubs, especially around the 40503 zip code. Sometimes the restaurant developers go crazy and think that we're all going to switch our favorite restaurants as soon as their special restaurant with its special "chocolate bar" comes into existence. They're crazy. Best of luck to the new Saul Good Pub! You're gonna need it.

By the way, I noticed that this new restaurant is looking for lots of employees, including a bartender and a hostess. If your lifelong dream is to work in a Saul Good Pub, drop by and fill out an application because your dream is about to come true.

UPDATE: The Saul Good Restaurant & Pub is now open in Fayette Mall Plaza, near Gordman's and Old Navy, so head over there today and enjoy some delicious food. Also ask them if they ever plan to publish some newspaper coupons for those of us who don't want to pay twenty bucks for a hamburger.

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