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A long time ago, I used to manage a website for a local piano repairman who also tuned pianos and sold used pianos. I kept a close watch on the logfiles because it always interested me to see what people were searching for (like when they're in the market to buy used pianos) before they visited his site. Here is a list of the most popular searches that reached his "used pianos for sale in Lexington KY" page:
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piano tuning Lexington KY

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other searches that might bring you here: new painos, piano instruments for sale, pastarck, p-a stark, story&clark, spinets, studios, Lex KY, Kentucky, not Lexingotn / Lexingtion — Howdy to Lexinton Kentuck. thanks for visiting this free Lecington Kentuckey webpage {Three unrelated websites are and "" and the LexGo homepage} video?

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