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When I have no money and want a free massage, I go to the Healthy Back store (in Lexington Green) and sit in one of their $5000 massage chairs for a half hour. There's no charge; it's a free massage!

At those times when I have a little extra money to spend on massage, I usually go to the Healing Arts Academy (on Southland Drive). Their student clinic offers very affordable massages, but of course you are not getting an experienced therapist. Oh, well.

If I had a lot of extra money, I suppose I'd go to The Massage Center or maybe a day spa like Posh.

Recently I discovered that there is a day spa inside the Macy's at Fayette Mall (near their iPod vending machine). It's called Ecotage Salon and Spa, and they offer Swedish massage and deep-tissue massage and even prenatal massage. Wild, huh? A department store inside a mall, offering things like hot stone massage. Go spoil yourself...

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